Shepparton Aboriginal Street Art project

The word had got around, that renowned street artist Adnate was back in Shepparton town to complete part 2 of the Shepparton Aboriginal Street Art project. I wandered into Shepp to take a look….. Continue reading


An island paradise – Phillip Island


I recently had a chance to escape the hot inland Victorian summer and escape to Phillip Island for a week by the beach. The break couldn’t have come at a better time, Christmas had come and gone and the school year was not yet in full swing. Loading the car I headed off for a week of sun, sand, swimming and maybe a penguin or two….. Continue reading

Summer Sunset

sunsetThere is something to be said for living away from the hustle and bustle of the city. No crowds, the only noise being that of birds and wildlife and the ability to see to the horizon.

Big skies allow for the enjoyment of the show Mother Nature puts on regularly. Last night she dazzled with a magical sunset that I need to share. I’m lucky to live where I live and experience the wonders of nature and the changing seasons.

I hope you have the chance to get out and enjoy all that nature offers. Its a wonderful world we live in.


In the Warby’s – Ned hung out here.

Warby Ranges
The Warby Ranges – from the Wangaratta side

It was a hot day, around 32 degrees Celsius and I was lucky enough to have to travel to Wangaratta. I could have taken the boring route up the highway but thought a road trip through the Warby Ranges to Wangaratta was a much better option. Who doesn’t love getting off the highway and exploring?

The Warby Ranges is part of the 14,655 hectare Warby-Ovens National Park taking in the granitic hills and woodlands of the Warby Ranges, the Box-Ironbark of the Killawarra Forest and the River Red gum forest and wetlands of the Ovens Heritage River.

The park is named after Ben Warby who first settled the area in 1844. During the 1870’s it was thought that Australia’s most infamous bushranger, Ned Kelly and his gang, spent time hiding in the ranges. Most likely they were keeping an eye on the goings on at Glenrowan in the lead up to the Glenrowan siege. There is a Ned Kelly museum a Glenrowan if you are in the area and would like to know more about Ned.

My time was short, and I did not have time to explore properly. However I took the short walk to Ryan’s Lookout and was not disappointed. The 5 minute walk from the carpark was uphill on an uneven gravel surface. It was far enough for me on a hot day.

Climbing the stairs on the small elevated lookout I was rewarded with stunning views across the valley to the Alps in the distance. In winter the snow covered peaks can be seen – I might have to return for that.

Ryan's lookout panorama

Ryans lookout 2Ryans lookout 1

The area is popular for bushwalking, bike riding and car touring. There are a number of waterfalls including Briens Gorge Falls, Salisbury Falls and Jubilee Falls. The most popular walk is the 9.4 kilometre return walk to the summit of Mt Glenrowan (elevation approx. 507 metres). Looks like I’ll be heading back to the Warby’s on a cooler day when I have more time to explore.

Location: The park is 240 kilometres north east of Melbourne and 10 kilometres west of Wangaratta.


Full Moon Rising


I am lucky where I live that I have wide open spaces and big skies. I often get to see storms rolling in, and clear nights give the most spectacular star show with no light pollution to worry about. Earlier this week a full moon rose above the hills behind me and I just had to share it.

I hope wherever you are your nights are spectacular too!


Moon rising over Saddleback 2