On the Silo Art Trail – Devenish

In many a quiet country town concrete grain silos stand tall, watching over the community as they have done for many years. Some are no longer in use, however many are now being used as giant canvases for the display of art works. I had heard that the small town of Devenish in Northern Victoria had recently unveiled their own Silo Art, and so on a cool autumn day I drove out to have a look….. Continue reading


ANZAC Remembrance – Private Daniel Cooper

Pvt Daniel Cooper 1



April 25 is an important day in Australia’s history, a day when we stop and remember the terrible battle at Gallipoli in World War 1, and pay tribute to service men and women past and present no matter where they have, or are, serving. Unfortunately it wasn’t always the way, particularly for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders who served. I’d heard that Shepparton had found a way to begin to recognise the contribution made by Aboriginal people who served in conflict. I made the trip to take a look. Continue reading

A tribute in bronze – William Cooper

Greater Shepparton City Council has begun to be very active in beginning to recognise the contribution of Aboriginal people to our society and the rich history of its culture locally. Recently a life size bronze statue was unveiled in Shepparton’s Queens Gardens in recognition of the contribution made by William Cooper. I dropped by to take a look and learn a little more… Continue reading

Meet – Tarzali Wines

I enjoy a good glass of wine and as I have got older I have found myself agreeing with British wine critic Michael Broadbent who once said “Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life’s most civilized pleasures.”

Victoria produces some remarkable wines and has some fantastic vineyards and with this in mind I set off to meet some of our smaller wine producers. First stop, Tarzali Wines………. Continue reading

Strathbogie Pastel Artist – Jan McQuitty


The last time I went to the popular Violet Town market was in early April where I came across local pastel artist Jan McQuitty. The art work she had on display was incredibly detailed, with rich textures and amazing colour. I was intrigued by this Irish girl, living in the Strathbogie’s using her passion for art to capture amazing images of Australian wildlife that most of us take for granted. I recently caught up with Jan to learn more….. Continue reading